Our Board & Team

The Dutch Business Association Turkey (DBA Turkey) is a non-profit organization that offers Dutch companies and professionals the opportunity to network and share knowledge and experiences.

Board Members

Gregor van der Mark
Gregor van der Mark Chairman
Alparslan Yurdagül
Alparslan Yurdagül Board Member
Ömer Çalıklı
Ömer Çalıklı Board Member
Eran Görgen
Eran Görgen Board Member
Caspar van Haaften
Caspar van Haaften Board Member
Mustafa Seçkin
Mustafa Seçkin Board Member
Nurdan Erbuğ
Nurdan Erbuğ Board Member
Denny Caouki
Denny Caouki Board Member
Mehtap Akkaya
Mehtap Akkaya Board Member
Ayşegül Akay
Ayşegül Akay Board Member
Bettine Rube
Bettine Rube Board Member
Özgür Demirdöven
Özgür Demirdöven Board Member
Ufuk Gedikli
Ufuk Gedikli Board Member
Eppo Woortman
Eppo Woortman Board Member
Korkut Yetgin
Korkut Yetgin Board Member
Zeki Sarıbekir
Zeki Sarıbekir Board Member
Selim Dündar
Selim Dündar Board Member

Our Team

Veronique van Haaften
Veronique van Haaften General manager
Aslı Coşkun
Aslı Coşkun Marketing Communications Manager
İrem Abay
İrem Abay Trainee