Code of Conduct

Our core values makes us grow

Compliance with law
All Dutch Business Association members are required to protect our association’s legality; therefore, they should comply with all environmental, safety and fair dealing laws. We do expect members to be ethical and responsible whenever dealing with our association finances, products, partnerships and public image.

Respect in the association
All members of Dutch Business Association are expected to respect their colleagues. We will not allow for any kind of discriminatory behaviour, harassment or victimization. Members should also conform with the equal opportunity policy in all aspects of their duties.

Religion & Politics
All members of Dutch Business Association are expected to respect each other’s religion and or political believes. Within the association and during events and or any communication we refrain from political and or religion discussions.

All members are expected to act and show integrity and professionalism while in the workplace:
– Compliancy, we strongly discourage members from accepting gifts from outside parties. We also prohibit briberies that can benefit an external or internal party.
– Conflict of interest, Members are expected to avoid any personal, financial or other interests which may hinder their capability or willingness to fulfil their job duties.
– Communication, all members are required to remain open for communication and dialogue with other members, or potential members. English will be the basic language to be used among all channels.

Disciplinary actions
The board may take disciplinary action against any members who have repeatedly or intentionally failed to follow our code of conduct. The disciplinary actions will vary based on the violation committed.