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2023-02-07 - Earthquake Aid Coordination

We are deeply saddened by the loss of life and destruction caused by the earthquake disaster in our country.

Regarding the first aid to the earthquake area, a referral was made to AFAD through the Presidential Investment Office.

AFAD In-kind Aids:

It has been stated that the following products of urgent need, shared by AFAD to the public, can be delivered to the region in 2 ways.

Urgent Needs List:

Winter clothes for women, men and children (from underwear to fleece), tube heater, small and large size tube, generator, blanket, baby food.

1- We kindly request our members, who will ship the above products to the region with their own logistics, to provide information to the common platform of the bilateral Chambers of Commerce You will be informed in which region these products should be delivered to the warehouse, in consultation with AFAD.

2- Our members who do not have their own logistics facilities are recommended to deliver the products to the district governorship and/or governorship in their own cities. It has been reported that bulk shipments will be made from these centers to the region. If necessary, it is recommended to forward your logistic support request to us via the e-mail address.

AFAD Cash Aid:

Our members who want to support AFAD in cash instead of in-kind support can perform their support from the account numbers shared by AFAD: You can access the account numbers by clicking this link of the AFAD website.

Other Supports

To provide support other than these products, it is recommended that our members contact the Presidential Investment Office for information and support:

We kindly ask you to share your support at by specifying which chamber member/members you are, so that we can collectively follow the aid that our valued members have made to the region through various institutions.

Kind Regards,


The bilateral Chambers of Commerce of Türkiye

2023-02-07 - Earthquake Aid Coordination

2021-09-27 - Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) Donation handover

Today  the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) represented by Atakan Yurdakul received out of the hands of DBA board member Bettine Rube a donation of € 1.000 from the Dutch Business Association. DBA makes this donation because the entire board acknowledges that like the founders 54 years ago, we as DBA are in the opinion that growth of a country and people comes thru education. Therefor we donated this money to contribute for the future of the leaders of tomorrow.

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#education #growth #people #future


2021-09-27 - Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) Donation handover

2021-09-13 - VISA Advisor and online application form

Schengen Visa Advisor

Whether or not you need a visa depends mainly on your nationality, destination and length of stay. The Schengen Visa Advisor helps you to determine if you need a visa and what type of visa you need for your travel plans to or through the Netherlands.

For the Visa Advisor click here


To fill the application form please use this link

2021-09-13 - VISA Advisor and online application form

2021-08-24 Passport number on Vaccination Certificate (Turkish)

Passport number on Turkish vaccination Certificate.

If you do not see the possibility to add your passport number in the “hesscode app”. You need to do the following;

You need to delete your account in the app under settings, then register again.

İt is important that you register under Turkish not under foreigner, so if you register again do it with your Turkish ID number, Fathers name and birth year, and submit. You will get a reply that the information is received well.

Now all your information connected to your Turkish is visible. Also the vaccination 💉 picture in the app is now visible (if you had your vaccinations). You now have the ability to add your passport and make a PDF from the vaccination so you can print of make a print screen to keep it under photos on your mobile.

The vaccination certificate shows now your Turkish İD and your Passport number

2021-08-24 Passport number on Vaccination Certificate (Turkish)

2021-08-17 Corporation Agreement for DBA with Consulate and Embassy

İn the presence of the ambassador of the Netherlands in Turkey, Marjanne de Kwaasteniet, The board members of the Dutch Business Association, The Consul General Arjen Chairman of the Board of DBA Gregor van der Mark signed a Cooperation Agreement with Consulate and Embassy for the NLinBusiness Hub activities.

The agreement gives DBA preferred partnership when it comes to (start-up) business activities where the consulate and embassy stops DBA will take over to support (Dutch) business in Turkey

2021-08-17 Corporation Agreement for DBA with Consulate and Embassy


Please find the Health Fit offer for DBA members: To apply please use this website link



2021-07-01 Travel information update

News For Turkish citizens traveling to Netherlands:

Please note that as of July 1st 2021, important changes have occurred in Turkish citizens’ travel possibilities to the Netherlands.

Travelers from Turkey who have been fully vaccinated at least two weeks ago with EMA-approved vaccines or vaccines on the Emergency Use Listing of the World Health Organization (including the Sinovac-vaccine) are exempt from the entry ban – in case there is proof of vaccination. They also need a vaccination declaration link to vaccine declaration.

–          Travelers who still need a visa can apply for the regular visa procedure and do not need a Nota Verbale reference letter. For more information about applying for a business visa, send a mail to


Travelers who have not been fully vaccinated will still need a Nota Verbale reference letter to travel to the Netherlands.

–          Travelers can apply for a Nota Verbale reference letter if they fall under one of the exemption categories as listed on this website.

–          Applications for this letter can be filed by sending a mail to requesting the ‘NV Application Form’.


2021-07-01 Travel information update

2020-11-1 Donation

Dutch Business Association Turkey is happy to support Türk Eğitim Vakfı (TEV)

2020-11-1 Donation