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United International Management B.V.

United – seamless service in finance and trust

United is an independent provider of legal and financial services with a truly personal approach. All of us, including our management, do business directly with and for you, actively and on your behalf. We unite disciplines, connect networks and cross borders to bring you the services you need and deserve.

Based in the Netherlands with offices in nine global financial hotspots, we offer a tailored range of seamlessly integrated services to businesses (from family firms to Fortune 500 companies), to the investment industry, and to wealthy individuals and families. Whatever your needs, and wherever your activities take you, we can tap into our resources around the world to bring you the best solutions.

United shoulders your administrative burden, including compliance. With our pioneering IT, including the AI-driven compliance support platform Pascal, our experts ensure you stay compliant as your activities and the legal environment you operate in evolve. So you can focus on what really matters to you.

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