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MED Bağımsız Denetim ve Danışmanlık

The first company of the group, MED Turizm ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Tourism & Trading Services), was founded in 1981. Subsequently, in 1982, ZED Sigorta Aracılık Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. Sti. (Insurance Services) was established.

After the commencement of law numbered 3568, MED YMM A.Ş. (CPA, Tax and Sworn-in Financial Advisory Services) was established. Then MED Bağımsız Denetim ve Danışmanlık A.Ş. (Independent Audit & Advisory Services) was founded in 1992. DD Enerji Hizmetleri A.Ş. (Air Pollution Abatement and Renewable Energy Services) was added to the group in 2013. MED MRI SMMM A.Ş. (Client Accounting and Advisory Services) and MED IDEA Bilgi Yönetimi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Data Analytics & Digital Document Management Services) were added to the group in 2015. Finally, the group revealed their current structure in 2021 with the addition of MED AIGC JV (Governance, Risk Advisory, Compliance & Internal Audit Services).

Mehmet Erol DEMIRDOVEN is the founder and Chairman of the group and has the Sworn-in CPA (YMM) and Chief Auditor Responsible titles. The CEO of the group is H. Özgür DEMİRDÖVEN from the second generation.

The Group is providing full faceted services from external audit to internal audit, from tax advisory to data analytics, from client accounting and advisory to GRC services. The GROUP Companies have been performing audit and approval operations of natural and legal persons by Law No: 3568 on the Independent Accountancy, Certified Public Accountancy and Chartered Accountancy. The GROUP has one of the Corporate Independent Auditor companies of Turkey which provides audit and consultancy services in various subjects including “Independent Auditor and Tax Consultancy’. The majority of the shareholders of the Company are experts who are former Account Experts of the Ministry of Finance and they have Chartered Accountant certificate and significant accumulation of knowledge and experience originated from the public and private sectors.

The customer profile that the company provides services includes a large variety of sectors including international companies with foreign partners, public companies, Turkish food sector, foundations, non-profit entities, energy, construction, tourism, sports clubs, chemicals substances, machinery manufacturing sectors, logistics, textiles, medical products, FMCG, Technology firms and service organization sectors.

Our group, which has more than 60 years of experience considering the first-generation partners’ services in the public since the 60s and where the second-generation has started to take over the management, consists of the following group of companies specialized in different subjects. In today’s world, where technology rapidly covers our whole lives, we help companies to prevent their monetary losses with software and consultancy services, especially in the fields of digitalization, internal & external audit and GRC.

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