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Ekspats B.V.

Ekspats is an innovative recruitment platform that expertly matches top-tier talent with premier companies across Europe, particularly enhancing the hiring process with its cutting-edge Spark technology. This system utilizes sophisticated algorithms to streamline the connection between job seekers and employers, ensuring a seamless integration of skills and company culture. As a champion of digital transformation, Ekspats not only simplifies recruitment but also embodies sustainability in its operations, helping companies future-proof their workforce by connecting them with candidates who are ready to evolve with industry trends.

Alongside its primary platform, Ekspats proudly collaborates with EnglishTunes, a sister consulting firm specializing in education. This partnership enriches Ekspats’ talent pool, providing companies with access to highly educated candidates proficient in English, ready from universities across Europe. Together, Ekspats and EnglishTunes deliver a comprehensive service model that supports candidates’ journeys from education to employment, ensuring a high caliber of readiness and adaptability to meet the dynamic demands of the global market.

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Ekspats B.V.

Ekspats, Keizersgracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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