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Doing business with Turkey? BridgeBey helps to bridge the GA(A)P

Doing business across national borders has its challenges, especially if the rules in Turkey and the Netherlands differ. Are these challenges financially, then you’ll probably immediately think of having correct figures. However: to find solutions, more is needed…

BridgeBey shares and multiplies knowledge about controlling and reporting. This is how you can immediately convert transparent results into strategic decision-making. We bridge differences, so you can realize your ambitions.

Five common requests from customers:
Help us to…

  • prevent financial leaks
  • improve profitability
  • professionalize financial reporting
  • enhance financial knowledge
  • harmonize financial processes

Four comprehensive service offerings:
Audit and design for…

  • Financial Controlling – Have costs been booked correctly? BridgeBey sees through the Turkish-Dutch regulations and prevents the use of unauthorized loopholes in the law.
  • Business Controlling – What’s behind the numbers? With an eye for detail, BridgeBey uses audits to analyze the information required for strategic management.
  • Business Reporting – Reporting stretches from financial statements to sales reports and cost price analysis. BridgeBey makes them readable to initiate targeted improvement actions.
  • Beyond Numbers – BridgeBey also supports topics like financial consolidations and budgeting. Furthermore, we can activate our trusted network for legal and tax issues.

Beyond Borders. Beyond Numbers.

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