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Founded in 1961 under the name Eureka Metal Inc. and operating Turkey’s first tube filling plant in Kocaeli Yarımca, Ipragaz has pioneered the transformation of LPG, which was thrown from the refinery chimney in Turkey, into a giant sector today.

In 1966, it merged with the Turkish Petroleum Joint Stock Company (TPAO) to become ipragaz Inc., and in 1992, france joined Primagaz with the privatization. Ipragaz became part of the SHV family with the acquisition of Primagaz in 1999 by the World’s largest LPG distribution company, Netherlands-based SHV Energy.

Ipragaz, which launched its first large tank bulk gas service in 1973, launched Turkey’s first licensed autogas station in Bursa in 1996 and has achieved many innovations such as special forklift tube, Marinegas, LPGPRO, CUTPRO, İzOPRO, BETOPRO. Ipragaz makes important contributions to the Turkish energy sector with its innovative products, new and developed markets and leads the way.

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Phone +90 216 513 51 50


Ataşehir Atatürk, İpragaz Genel Müdürlük, Ataşehir/İstanbul, Turkey

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