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Since 2010 Ekora has been focusing on Circular Energy projects in Turkey. The activities can be categorised in Wind Energy, Biomass, Green Hydrogen and Sourcing.

Wind Energy

Together with business partners, Ekora is developing wind energy projects, refurbishing Wind Turbines in the Netherlands, transporting, installing commissioning and Operations Maintenance of the Turbines in Turkey. As a game-changer in the Turkish wind market, we provide a 10 years 96% availability warranty backed by Dutch Marsh Insurance. On top of this, we have managed to provide Corporate Finance, without bank warranty and collateral, from the Netherlands for our Wind Projects in Turkey. In this fashion, Ekora had several projects installed in Turkey.

Biomass & Bio-energy

Nowadays, Ekora is developing, together with Dutch partner Maris Projects, a Thermolyse based (gasification) biomass Project. The feedstock is based on plastic and Olive cake. The conversion of Olive Cake into Green Hydrogen and Biochar could be labeled as a game-changer in this field. The aim is to install these Plants alongside the Aegean and Mediterranean coastal region where Olive Cake can be obtained as a residue of the Olive Oil pressure process.

Green Hydrogen

Ekora is the Hydrogen Fuel Cell partner of Nedstack in Turkey. With 20 years of fuel cell excellence, Nedstack has established a leading position in the market for mission-critical, high-power PEM fuel cell applications. We have an installed base of over 500 systems with the inclusion of the world’s longest-running PEM Power Plant, the world’s first Megawatt size PEM Power Plant and the world’s largest PEM Power Plant.
Together with Nedstack, Ekora is pursuing to convert the diesel traction of the ferries into Hydrogen based fuel cells at the Metropolitan Municipalities in Turkey.


Ekora introduces the concept of “Geographical Circularity” where the demand and supply over a distance are brought together. The surplus of Human Resources in Turkey opens windows of opportunities for the Human Resource shortages in especially European Countries.

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