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Established in 1947, Bronswerk Group has built a reputation as a leader in marine HVAC and Refrigeration Systems as well as a premier supplier of top grade industrial products. Its goal is to provide clients with the products, designs and solutions they need to ensure the comfort and safety of their employees, passengers and crew while prolonging the life of their equipment.

First and foremost, Bronswerk Group is all about quality engineering (while avoiding costly over-engineering). It has over 250 years of cumulative experience in specialized engineering with resources who can respond to each customer’s specific needs whether in air conditioning, mechanical ventilation, heating, fire protection, cooling plants or in lubricants that can substantially increase the life of equipment.

The company prides itself in leveraging the latest technologies to meet clients’ specific requirements and, if it has not been developed, we have the ability to innovate and think outside the box to design a solution. This rare combination of skills has made Bronswerk Group an international leader in Marine HVAC-R.


Address Teknopark Bulvarı 1 34906 View map
Contact person Mehmet Güzeldal
Phone +90 216 493 58 18


Teknopark Bulvarı 1, 34906

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