What is included in your membership


  • Chairman chat: Every member can participate in the Chairman Chat, direct contact with the Chairman to keep contact with our members to learn what’s important for our members.
  • Sounding Board: Members are invited to the yearly Sounding Board, together for better.
  • Webinars: All members registered receive automatic invitations for online informative and social webinars.
  • NLinBusiness webinars: All members registered have access to webinars organized by our partner NLinBusiness.


  • Speaker events: Interesting topics will be presented by speakers of high quality all members receive an invitation for these events.
  • Business groups united chambers: All members will be included and receive invitations for events with other chambers. The largest network in the world with our approach of joined chambers.
  • Network parties: All members receive invitations for the yearly team’s party, cocktail and a chat with the right people.
  • Consul & Ambassador breakfast/lunch: Exclusive invitation for Diamond and Platinum members, a select group of members have the possibility to sit down with the Ambassador and or Consul General of the Netherlands.
  • Present Moment: Diamond, Platinum, Gold members; the possibility to present your company to other members.
  • NVI – DSC Events: All members will receive an invitation for NVI (Nederlandse Vereniging Istanbul) and DSC (Dutch Student Comunity) events. Most of these events are typical Dutch, this gives the opportunity to see the culture at it’s best. The events are ppe (pay per event)


  • DBA Website: For every company membership choice we have a logo and private introduction page on our website. We make you visible for all our members and website visitors.
  • Newsletter: Possibility to share your company news in our quarterly newsletter that goes out to all our members, partners and prospects.
  • Member in The Spotlights: We make an A4 information sheet of your company and email this to our members and share this on our social media network
  • Logo: presentation of your company logo throughout the year for Diamond members.


  • DIAMOND – Membership donation fee is 1500 euro per year – Applicable for Corporate Members – 4 people registered – incl. logo presentation for one year
  • PLATINUM – Membership donation fee is 1000 euro per year – Applicable for Corporate Members – 4 people registered
  • GOLD Membership donation fee is 250 euro per year – Applicable for SME, NGO, ZZP Members – 2 people registered
  • SILVER Membership donation fee is Pay 25 euro per event – Applicable for people with a Dutch passport and Turkish ID – 1 person registered