Dutch Business Association in Turkey

Our ultimate objective is to promote bilateral business

Who We Are?

The Dutch Business Association Turkey (DBA Turkey) is a non-profit organization that offers Dutch companies and professionals the opportunity to network and share knowledge and experiences. 

The goal of the association is to Represent Dutch business in Turkey and offering opportunities to Turkish entrepreneurs having bigger network to see chances of investing in Holland. Our ultimate objective is to promote bilateral business.

Since its establishment, DBA has organized events inviting distinguished professionals and academicians as speakers on subjects that are current and relevant to our businesses and societies, also making use of the Dutch Consulate’s support for organizing our events. We believe your presence and support would further enhance our capabilities and help us fulfill our mission. As such, your presence and contributions would be highly appreciated.

Once you are a member you will have full access to information with regards to all legal and commercial developments between the two countries and you will be able to attend all the seminars and conferences that are organized.



The long term vision is to be seen as the representing organization of Dutch business interests in Turkey that through experience and reputation will be considered a valuable interlocutor for third parties, whether they are companies, institutions, journalists or governments.


-Connecting people by providing network opportunities.
-Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences.
-Raising the level of understanding between the Netherlands and Turkey.
-Enhancing business, trade and investments between both countries.

Board Members

  • Caspar van Haaften
    Caspar van Haaften Chairman

    Caspar van Haaften is the CFO of insurance company Eureko Sigorta.

  • Nurdan Erbuğ
    Nurdan Erbuğ Board Member

    Nurdan Erbuğ is the founder and managing director of Anadolu Hayvancılık.

  • Denny Caouki
    Denny Caouki Board Member

    Denny W. Caouki is an entrepreneur who comes from one of the oldest business families in Turkey.

  • Gregor van der Mark
    Gregor van der Mark Board Member

    Gregor van der Mark is the Managing Director of Daf Trucks Turkey since 2014.

  • Ömer Çalıklı
    Ömer Çalıklı Board Member

    Ömer Çalıklı has been working at Shell & Turcas Petrol A.S since 2001 and is now fulfilling the role of Distribution Operation Manager responsible for Terminal and Road Transport Operations, Distribution Engineering, HSE and Order to Delivery activities.

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